Our customers enjoy relying on Aptron for software management, customization and day-to-day support.

Implementation and Support

Aptron is known for going above and beyond by providing our customers with services and support before, during and after the implementation process.

  • Pre-sale Analysis – Aptron assists you in evaluating how well our software will work in your environment. We survey your departments in order to meet both their standard and special requirements.
  • Software Installation and Management – Aptron installs the software on your server and configures it to meet your needs. We install updates directly, in a timely manner and without hassle.
  • Project Management – Building on three decades of experience with a variety of institutions nationwide, Aptron works with you to develop a project plan and custom tailors our services to meet your needs.
  • Training and Consulting – Aptron provides both standard and custom training on-site. We provide both special purpose webinars and ad hoc training as needed. We provide guidance on how to use our system, and help you re-examine your processes to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Data Conversion – Aptron offers standard and custom tools and utilities to import your data from your existing system.
  • Client-Unique Modifications – Ever institution is unique. Aptron helps you determine your unique requirements and provides custom-tailored software to enhance your learning experience. This could mean adjusting our software to meet your needs or bridging it to work with other software.

Software Management

Reduce your reliance on internal IT personnel with Aptron Collēgix.

Aptron is especially geared toward supporting the end-user needs of our customers. A subscription to Collēgix includes the installation and remote management of application software on the hosting server, whether it resides on your grounds or in the cloud.

End-User Support. Your subscription includes direct support, eliminating the need to train your IT personnel in each application, and giving end-users expert guidance in their day-to-day operations.

Compared to performing these functions with in-house IT personnel, our proven approach to software management saves you ample time, money and effort.