The way students and their families pay for college has changed, and our technology continues to evolve with it.

More than ever before, both institutions and their students are relying on a combination of federal, state, institutional and other financial aid to make the higher education experience possible.

To meet this growing need, Collēgix makes packaging, communicating, posting and tracking an array of student awards and loans quicker, easier and more accurate for your staff.

  • Dynamic ISIR import and application document tracking
  • Missing document communications
  • Automated award calculation and packaging
  • Automated COD processing
  • Automated posting of awards and loans to Accounts Receivable
  • Displaying of anticipated awards on statements and online forms
  • Electronic notification of award packages
  • Web portal acceptance of awards and federal loan sign up
  • Term and non-term award management
  • Tracking Work Study earnings through Student Payroll

Having a built-in Financial Aid capability offers many advantages over an add-on product. Student information and progress are always available rather than being slowed down by time-consuming data transfers. With Collegix you can streamline the collection of information, automatically package student awards and electronically communicate awards to students for rapid acceptance. Collegix helps you gain control of the process and affords you time to pay personal attention to helping students make ends meet.