Technology for colleges and universities.

Since 1983, Aptron has partnered with leading institutions to automate a broad range of higher education operations and business initiatives. Our Collegix® enterprise software provides a central platform that delivers a truly integrated suite of applications that can be customized and optimized to meet the specific requirements of colleges, universities and other higher educational institutions.

A Letter from the CEO

  • Tom Makosky
  • CEO of Aptron Corporation
Higher education has significantly changed since I got involved in the business in the early 1980s. The curriculum, classes and even the campuses have evolved, offering new opportunities to teach, learn and shape the minds of future generations. Part of the evolution has been shaped by technology, and the cloud and mobility offer new capabilities for enterprise software to run higher education institutions more effectively and efficiently.

Aptron higher education technology has evolved over the years, leveraging five decades of deployments that pre-date the company. The core business processes were first developed in the 1970s and 1980s and embraced by many leading-edge colleges and universities under the Campus™ and AIMS® monikers. In the 1990’s, Aptron re-engineered these products to operate in UNIX and Windows network environments and added a browser-based Self Service portal that redefined how institutions serviced their students.

Our latest Collegix software line was developed both as a modern replacement for AIMS and Campus systems and a flexible platform for institutions who want a system specifically designed to meet their needs. Hosted on Linux or Windows servers, Collegix includes a Windows front end for office users and robust Self Service components for students, faculty, administrators, alumni and other constituents that can be accessed from browsers and mobile devices.

Today mobile devices are ubiquitous and the Internet makes data available with a few swipes or clicks. And while technology has advanced, the need to make it work for you has never before been so vital.

It is critical to have an enterprise technology platform that is robust, powerful and secure, yet flexible to support your institution’s continuously changing initiatives. Our team understands the challenges, complexities and opportunities associated with delivering a quality educational experience and we offer unmatched expertise and personal service to help you succeed.

Since 1983, Aptron has consistently provided the most capable and reliable enterprise solutions for higher education, while remaining on a first name basis with our friends at every institution we partner with. Enterprise flexibility that is affordable and scalable, and supported by a team you can expect to know on a first name basis; this is the Aptron way.

We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you.

Tom Makosky