Develop Web Applications and Services for Ellucian Colleague and MultiValue Databases

  • Use Native Colleague Subroutines
  • Build Web Pages and Portals
  • Create Webservices
  • HTML, JSON, XML, etc.
  • Integrate with Third Party applications
  • Plugin Electronic Payments
  • Simplify Address Verification
  • Send Text Messages
  • And More


Today’s world demands modern technologies that deliver sophisticated browser based and native mobile applications along with the ability to connect with popular third party SAAS solutions using Web services.   WebWizard provides the integrated Web application development and run-time environment you need to connect with your MultiValue database using either direct database calls, native API or Web Service connections.

Web Applications

WebWizard allows you to choose from a variety of technologies to create your user interface.     At one extreme, you can build your user and business rules components in a separate framework like Drupal and then use WebWizard to retrieve and update information in your database.   At the other extreme, you can generate the user interface entirely from within WebWizard, serve up HTML pages with JavaScript and CSS, perform the business logic and update your MultiValue database.    Or you can use a middle ground by using tools like FormStack to develop the Web pages that integrate with your application.

Web Services

WebWizard provides the framework to deliver Web services and API for your MultiValue databases, dynamically connecting other applications over the Internet using XML, JSON and other messaging formats.   You simply add the interface standards, business rules and data update logic needed to process each request.

WebWizard for Ellucian Colleague

Ellucian Colleague is a popular ERP in use at over 700 colleges, universities and other educational institutions throughout North American. A WebWizard extension is available to support Colleague users.   This includes database mappings, a subroutine library and programming examples for the Colleague database.   Application and Web service development is available from Aptron as well as pre-packaged software for Class Attendance, Admissions Applications and others. The WebWizard extension supports native UniData databases as well as SQL databases.  Today, more than 100 Colleague institutions have used WebWizard to extend their enterprise database to home grown and third party applications.

WebWizard Extensions

Extensions are available for WebWizard for Electronic Payments, Address Verification and SMS Messaging.

Application Development Services

Aptron is available to train and assist you in development modern Web applications and services to support your organization.   We can also be engaged to create entire applications from start to finish.

Contact Aptron for more information on what WebWizard can do for your organization.