Collēgix helps find, engage and enroll the qualified new students you need to support your mission

Collegix builds your funnel by importing prospective student data from every source possible – search services, test scores, Web inquiries, etc. It can also bridge third party recruiting services like the Common Application, Royale, Hobsons, Sales Force and others.

Once in Collegix, your recruitment staff can manage communications flow, track interactions with students, collect credentials, rate fitness for your school and guide prospective students and their parents through the admissions process. Admissions counselors can use the Collegix Web portal and Mobile support to build up their prospect pool, track progress and orchestrate the recruiting process.

Using the Collegix Web portal prospective students can quickly identify their specific interests in your school, sign up for ongoing communications, apply on-line and track the details of their application through to enrollment. Once accepted, they can quickly indicate their decision online, pay enrollment deposits using a credit card or electronic check, accept their financial aid package and manage their loans.

Attracting the right number and kind of students is essential to your ongoing success. Collegix gives you the tools to effectively and efficiently glide prospective students and your recruitment staff through the process.