Develop Web Applications and Services that integrate with Enterprise Databases

WebWizard is an integrated application development tool kit and run-time environment for browser-based applications that integrate with your enterprise database. WebWizard communicates with your enterprise database using either direct database calls, native API’s or Web Service connections. In addition to building Web pages, WebWizard can be used to develop Web Service responders to support Third Party Applications.

Aptron uses WebWizard technology to develop our Collegix Self Service portal and Web services applications. We offer a generic version that can be used for home grown as well as vendor-supported databases. A special extension of WebWizard is available for colleges and universities that use Ellucian Colleague. Other extensions can be developed for specific vendor systems.

WebWizard Features and Benefits
• Hosted on premise or in the Cloud
• Works with all major Web servers
• Enterprise hosting on Linux or Windows
• Native or Web Service connectivity
• Secure Internet Connections
• Use Insta-Pages to quickly create HTML pages that read, display and update your enterprise database
• Use Web page designers of choice
• Responsive Design for mobile friendly applications
• Uses style sheets for consistent look and feel
• Uses JavaScript or VBScript for client-side editing

Contact Aptron for more information on what WebWizard can do for your organization.