Enterprise strength, without the walls.

It is critical to have a technology solution that is powerful and secure, yet flexible to handle the day-to-day operations of your entire institution. Collegix offers an advanced solution that leverages five decades of successful deployments across a select group of colleges and universities.

However, when it comes time to talk, you also need the experience, speed, flexibility and personal relationships that only a core team of individuals can provide. You will need a vendor who takes the time to understand your institution and is genuinely interested in addressing your challenges over the long-term.

And that’s how our customers know us. Since 1983, we’ve consistently provided very capable and reliable enterprise solutions, while also remaining on a first name basis with our friends at every institution that we work with. We offer the benefits of the enterprise, while keeping overall costs within reason.

  • Integration – All aspects of Collegix are designed to work together
  • User-friendliness – both the software and the people who support it
  • Versatility – of applications, functionality, reporting and analytics
  • Flexibility – to operate in various ways
  • Adaptability – to learn about and meet your ever-changing needs
  • Interoperability – to work with other products and services
  • Affordability – to work with you to stay within your budget
  • Reliability – to be there when you need us
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